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What is TexShare?

TexShare is a library program that encourages the sharing of resources between Texas libraries to offer a broader range of services to you, the library customer. It is a program administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The TexShare Card allows registered users of participating TexShare libraries to obtain a TexShare card and use the card to borrow materials at other participating libraries.

The TexShare Databases provide a wealth of online resources. These electronic databases are powerful research tools available 24 hours a day in the homes or offices of registered patrons of participating Texas libraries including:

Genealogy and history information

Full-text articles from popular periodicals, including Business Week, Rolling Stone, and Smithsonian

Medical resources and health information

Cover-to-cover full-text archives of hundreds of newspapers, as well as popular and specialty magazines

Spanish language resources

E-books and academic reference materials

Newspapers and magazines from around the world

Research on public and private companies, here and abroad

Consumer marketing data and emerging technology reports

Latest breaking news and daily updates from newspaper wire services

And much more . . .

All yours absolutely free of charge!

To access the TexShare Databases:

Go to the Castroville Public Library catalog (also located in the Navigation bar) and click on "Log in to library account"

Enter your Castroville Public Library card number and the phone number on file with the library.

Then click the link to the TexShare Databases at the bottom of the catalog:

and that's it! You're ready to research!
Help Using the TexShare Databases

How Can TexShare Be Used?

Tour of TexShare

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