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New User Tutorial

This site is from TLN (The Library Network) Technology Committee, located in Michigan. It is designed to help people who have never used a computer before. The main focus is on using the mouse. Also available in Spanish.


This is a site from Scranton Public Library. It takes you through a series of exercises that increase in difficulty to practice using the mouse and clicking.

Register and sign in to take one of the many free classes, available 24/7,  on digital photography, home office, Microsoft Office and Adobe, PC security and maintenance, business basics, graphic arts, and others

Dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology

Provides tips about the Windows operating system, including on: the elements of a window; moving a window; hardware vs. software; and cutting, copying, and pasting in Windows

Printable quick guides on popular computer programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and operating systems such as Windows

Provides tips about Microsoft Excel form-specific topic links for information on charts, formatting, and page setup

Provides information about using Publisher (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010), from getting started, creating a calendar, newsletter, and publicizing an event to creating Web content

Provides tips about Microsoft Word from topic links on headers and footers, bullets, and shortcut keys, or you can enter your question to receive an answer from the website creator

Spreadsheets (ppt)

Word processing with Google Docs (doc/pdf)

Computer hardware worksheet (doc/pdf)

Computer terms and file formats (ppt)

  • Internet

Online tax software reviews:

Navigating web sites (doc/pdf)

Cyber-safety tips (doc/pdf) Some basic best practices for anyone using a computer, and particularly the Internet.

Browser basics worksheet (doc/pdf) Intro to using Internet Explorer

Internet basics (ppt)

Exploring Google worksheet (doc/pdf)
A quick checklist of questions to ask yourself when you are evaluating a website, it covers topics such as authority, affiliation, currency, and purpose. It was developed by InfoPeople.

A tutorial from the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley that covers information from basic topics, such as “what is the World Wide Web?”, to advanced Internet searching techniques

This is a chart of the most popular search engines and their features. It includes information on truncation, Boolean searching, special features, and strengths of each search. Created by InfoPeople.
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Offered by the Los Angeles Public Library, this site details the types of information you need to have ready when creating an email account using a free service.
How to sign up for Gmail (doc/pdf)
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Thanks to Dr. Lynn Westbrook for compiling many of these resources and making them available at