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National Library Week 2013

Library Snapshot Day - October 6, 2010

On October 6, Castroville Library participated in Library Snapshot Day. Pictures were taken throughout the day to show what activities take place on a typical day in the library, and surveys were given to collect feedback about how patrons use the library.  Out of the 24 surveys that were returned:
12 came for a program or meeting
7 for internet or computer use
6 for coursework/homework help/tutoring,
6 for entertainment,
4 for research, 1 for newspapers/magazines,
3 for general reference
3 for books
2 for job seeking/resume building
1 for business information.

109 adults and 23 children visited the library that day.  Of those patrons, 32 used the computers and 41 participated in children or adult programming.


                                                        ExperienceWorks                                                                                        Using the Wi-Fi

                                             Checking out the children's section                                                                  Tutoring session

                                                           Nightfall Book Club                                                                      Alsatian Language Club

                                              Southwest Texas Junior College                                                                            GED class


The library 45 minutes after closing

We the People Bookshelf

(Left to right, bottom) Chelsea Buvia, Austin Davis, Randi Davis, Taylor Smith, (left to right, top) Keenan Smith, Jodi Davis

Mayor Robert Lee and Congressman Ciro Rodriguez

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez

Naming Contest

Rosy has a problem. Her new friend unfortunately doesn't have a name. She knows that he plans on living at the library for awhile but without a name it would be hard to address him in any manner. "Everyone must have a name," she declared. So, she tried to come up with one herself.

But what could his name possibly be? She was usually creative but coming up with a name was harder than she had first suspected. Luckily she knew that Castroville is full of creative people just waiting to use their ideas when needed.

So City of Castroville, what is this gerbil's name? If you have an idea you can share it with us by sending it to the twitter account castlibrarydiva or drop off an entry at the library. Please only one entry per person. The entry with the winning name will receive a prize!


...My name...is Chaucer. That has a nice sound to it. Now that I have a name, I can rest easy.
Good night...