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A Third Home for Christmas

by Karen Serna

Hi! My name is- well I don't really have a name yet, but I will soon, when I find the perfect home. I do know that I am Welsh Corgi, a beautiful one at that, at least that's what all the strangers tell me as they pass by. If they think that I am so beautiful than why am I still here in this small crowded cage?! I'm just sitting here in a corner trying not to smell that foul odor, and waiting to be taken to a new home. We were being sold for breeding from what I understand. Seeing all my brothers and sisters leave was painful. What if I never get a home? Now there were only five dogs left and I was one of them. Three people came in and walked over to our cage. All the dogs jumped with excitement including me. They saw all the dogs and finally they came over to me. The strangers stared at me, and then a pair of gentle hands picked me up. And I looked into their eyes and from the love and care I saw I knew this is who I belonged with.

I was brought to a car where I was placed. I've never been a car before so this was a wonderful experience although the drive seemed forever and the ride was bumpy and frightening but the comforting hands around me showed me that I was safe. Suddenly the car came to a stop. They placed me down on the grass to let me roam. It was like nothing I've ever seen in my short, tiny life that I have lived so far. The fluffy green grass, the thick bushes with leaves so small they looked like tiny green pebbles, and the one thing that caught my eye the most, the one thing that you couldn't miss was the light blue building. To me it looked like a sky scraper, but then again I've never seen a sky scraper before so I don't really know, all I know is that from my point of view it was huge. I could smell so many interesting this coming from inside. A young girl with red hair opened the door for me and I trotted in excited to discover a new place. I saw rows and rows of shelves, filled with books, tons of them. I walked up and down the aisles exploring this wonderful place. Everyone that saw me stopped to me and asked who I belonged to, and most people said Dr. Queen so I figured she was my owner. I soon learned that this building is called a library and that the new town that I live in is named Castroville. I spent the rest of the day there and the next day to. One lady repeatedly called me Yoda, I heard her say that it was because of my large ears, but personally, I don't think that that they are that big. I guessed that this was my new name so I'll just have to get used to it. When we got back to my new home there were many other dogs there and I loved it. Everyone kept calling me Mason and I got confused because I thought my name was Yoda. I got used to Mason and now I am proud to say that my name is Mason. I was my second night staying here and it was scary, but strangely...I liked it. :)

The next day we were back at the library. Apparently Dr. Queen works there so I guess I'll be there a lot. Soon later I was in a different car with different people and I was curious. I knew nothing about them and I didn't recognize them but I thought I had seen them visit the library once. We stopped at a house I've never seen before. The day passed and I stayed the night there.

It was a week before Christmas and I was still at this girl's house that I did not know but we had lots of fun! We played outside a lot and I got to visit other houses and meet new people which I enjoyed quite a lot. The next morning there was a lot of commotion going on in the living room so I ran over quickly. There in a corner was a huge green tree that I know was not there yesterday. The girl and her mother were busy putting up many colorful and shiny ornaments that quickly caught my attention. The one I liked the most was a big red and green crystal ball that shined so beautifully. I ran to it but was pulled away and told not to mess with the tree. I obeyed, but they never said I couldn't play with the wrapping paper. There was a roll of paper the was a metallic blue with snowflakes that shimmered and of course that was the one that I had to have. I ripped it up into tiny little pieces and they were all scattered on the floor. Of course I got in trouble but I figured that would happen so I wasn't that upset. Nightfall came and watching all the lights turn on in the neighborhood was so beautifully amazing. The Christmas tree was so pretty and it was the night before Christmas Eve. The doorbell rang and I ran to it when the girl opened the door. It was Dr. Queen with huge smile on her face. I heard her talking and she said that she was on a vacation in San Francisco. So it turns out she still was my owner, but this still feels like a second home to me- well the library is my second home but this is like a third home. The girl handed me a present rapped in the wrapping paper that was my favorite. I tore it to shreds and inside was a tiny bone that tasted like liver! Yum! So with a bone in my mouth, and as happy as can be, I headed to my home.