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A New Beginning

by Karen Serna

Hi! The name is Frankenstein. Don’t ask me how I got that name, because honestly, I don’t know. Life is pretty good for me right now. Sitting under a tree, soaking up a good day, could this day get any better?

Later in the day a lady stopped by. She put me in this huge van and took me about two blocks away from my house. Then all of a sudden I was in a cage with another dog. I really wanted to get out and explore because this was so new to me. I sat in the cage for a while. The same lady came to check up on me every so often. She seemed pretty nice, and to me she’s one of the nicest person I know!

She kept calling me ‘Joe’ and it was so confusing because I was sure that my name was Frankenstein. Everyone seemed to call me Joe so I got used to it. I’m not sure if that’s my name now but I think Joe has a catchy ring to it. It’s short and simple. I like it.

A young girl arrived and came up to my cage. She reached in, trying to stick her hands through the gaps in the cage. She pet me on my snout while I tried to lick her hand. She was friendly and I really wanted to get to know her but I was still stuck in this cage with nothing to do. She walked inside and then a few minutes later came back out with the same lady that had picked me up. They took me out of my cage and boy was I relieved. She left me alone with young girl. She played with me and we took a couple of short walks in the same direction every time. I don’t see what she is trying to do because by now I’ve gone to the same place about 3 times.

She then took me inside which I thought was very strange. I have never been in a place like this before. It was so new. There were rows and rows of shelves with tons of……things with paper in them. I don’t quite know what they are called. All I know is that my nose went crazy. Every single one of those binded papers seemed to have a different smell. She took me through every isle and I smelled so many things. There were also many people there so I tried to act calm and not make a fool of myself….but I’m a dog, so that’s hard. She took me to another room, and a repeated ring came on. It was strange so I listened carefully. Suddenly, the ring stopped, I heard a voice, “hello this is the Castroville Public Library, how may I help you.” ……Library? Is that what this place is…a-a library? I heard the same ring several times throughout the day so I assume that’s what this place is. I also learned that the millions of big binded pieces of paper are called ‘books.’ This language is so strange.

I walked a lot and every time we stopped the girl would pet me and tell me how good I was doing. I loved it. I love sitting in people’s laps and for them to pet me and hug me and love me. I just…love it.

While on my way home, there was this huge dog I saw, he was threatening me, I just knew it. I hate trouble makers. I knew I had to protect my master. I have a job in this world and I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if my job is to protect or maybe I don’t have a job. But I have to have a job, a role in life, everyone does. It was such a tiring day. I really wanted to go to sleep but I had a lot to think about. I NEED to find my job in life.

The next day the same girl was there again to train me. We did pretty much the same thing we did before but I love being with her. She had mentioned I would be auctioned off. I didn’t know what that meant so I ignored it. Again I heard the word and my master talked to me. She said that I’m going to do so good in my new home. Does that mean I’m going to have a new home? Well, I do like people, and I do like getting to know new people so maybe it will be fun.

The next day I worked extra hard. I didn’t want to upset her because I want a really good home and maybe if I behave well I'll get an extra good home. But today was super hot and I did not want to be outside. Every time she took me back inside I was so thankful. I really hope I behaved well because I didn’t even get really hyper and I didn’t jump up and down like I usually do. I really, really hope I get a good home. Next time I will try to act even better.

I worked super hard today. But tomorrow will be scary. That is the day that I will get my new home. Even though I am nervous, I am also very excited. I hope to get a loving, caring family that will love me as much as I will love them. I do wish to visit the library again and I hope it is not going to be a good bye to all my old friends, but also a hello to the new.